Company Profile

30 Arena Close, Bruma
Third Floor, East Wing
Tel: 0105911187
Tel: 0861-INSURE (467873)

Cellular Insurance Replacements are specialists in the replacement of cellular phones to the insurance industry. We make it our mission to go the extra mile to ensure that we beat any other phone price and service. And strive to give the best service possible and make the clients smile.

Although in our infant stage we have already exceeded the bar in all our accomplishments. In one year alone we have expanded by 400%. This is simply because of our vision of being your Cellular Insurance Replacement partner. CIR was awarded industry leading awards in 2016 and is striving to be in the top again in 2017.

Our staff is inevitably our most valuable asset; they are simply put, the foundation of our company. We firmly believe that without our staff the company would cease to exist. We dedicate a great deal of our focus on ensuring our employee satisfaction. Through this our staff unites as one and become the heart and soul of our company. By working as one unit we safeguard the impending growth of our company.

We are a Level one BEE provider. The company has 50% woman ownership. And has 100% black ownership.

We have strong goals for 2017 as we plan on branching out into many other avenues. We have
moved the Dunkeld branch to larger premises and have combined the Kensington office and Dunkeld into one office, as we strive to become the forefront of cellular insurance. In 2017 hope to keep up the growth and improve on our service, we aim to add value add services that will hopefully be of benefit to the end users, and intern turn us into an industry leader by the implementation of said services.